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Ergebnisse meiner Googlesuche 2006

A) BlogHoster

B) Chipmunk Bloghost

http://www.chipmunk-scripts.com/page.php?ID=31 (Bloghost benötigt Bloggerscript)

http://www.chipmunk-scripts.com/page.php?ID=9 (Bloggerscript)

Beide Scripte sind free solange die Links zu chipmunk-scripts.com nicht entfernt werden, siehe Kurzinfo

You can use the software for free on commercial and non-commercial sites if you do not take off the copyright links

und Auszug Originalizenz:

You may use any of these script free of charge on any personal or commercial site provided that you do not remove or tamper with the copyright link back to chipmunk-scripts.com at the bottom of the scripts. This liscense is in effect regardless of how you modify or change the script. The excuse of "Look I changed this function of the script so now I don't have to give you credit" does not apply. If you use the codebase of any of these scripts, you must display the copyright link back to chipmunk scripts.

C) LifeType

LifeType is an open-source blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation.

D) Antville

Antville is a high performance, full featured weblog hosting software based on Helma Object Publisher, an open source web application server entirely written in Java. Antville scales very well up to several thousands of weblogs and is very easy to use while offering a lot of advanced features that make it even capable for hosting other types of websites.

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